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The Nik Collection is free and compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 through 10.10; Windows Vista, 7, 8; and Adobe Photoshop through CC 2015. There are no plans for updating of the Collection or adding new features over time.

Nik Collection is a fantastic set of Photoshop plugins that were once pretty expensive. They are now free to download and use, so hurry to grab your copy!

Analog Efex Pro

Add the look and feel of classic cameras to your photos. Read more and download the plugin here.

Silver Efex Pro

Turn your color photos into stunning black-and-white photos with darkroom-inspired controls. Read more and download the plugin here.

HDR Efex Pro

Turn your photos into beautiful HDR images with this plugin. Read more and download it here.

Color Efex Pro

This plugin practically offers you endless possibilities with its comprehensive set of filters. Read more and download it here.


Adjust the color and tonality of your photos without complicated masking, using control only points. Read more and download this plugin here.

Sharpener Pro

Bring out the details in your images like a pro. To read more and download the plugin, click here.


Reduce the noise like a pro with a unique noise profile created for your camera. Read more and download here.

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