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Relaxing Nature Sounds – Nightingale and Other Birds, Forest Creek and Cicadas

This video features forest stream and nightingale song, as well as the song of other song birds. If you miss springtime, this is the right video for you. This absolutely realistic, high quality 3 hours long soundscape will transport you to the middle of European woodlands in late spring. You will feel like you are lying by the creek in the light shade of silver birch, listening to nightingales singing their love song. It will make you believe you feel the aroma of fresh grass, wild flowers, and trees in bloom.

Emerge yourself in the sounds of European forests in late spring when nightingales sing day and night. Every spring, these little light brown birds fly from southern Africa all the way to European forests to mate. Because of the plain looks and small size of this shy bird, very few people have actually seen it, but everybody knows the beautiful song that fills the air in May and June, the song that was an inspiration to many poets and romantics. Nightingale's repertoire spreads to almost 200 different melodies, and it sounds different in different parts of Europe.In addition to nightingales, this soundscape includes songs of other woodland birds, a small creek, crickets, and cicadas.

Except photography, I like to create music, so I decided to create a few playlists with relaxing music and nature sounds for people who need help to focus, need stress relief, want to rest, or simply enjoy listening to calming sounds of nature and slow music.

To fully immerse yourself into the sounds of nature and disconnect from the rest of the world while working, use headphones.



Thanks Steve Raubenstine, from Doylestown, USA, for a nice video: https://pixabay.com/en/users/SteveRaubenstine-482057/?tab=videos

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